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LFGuild (PvX, semi-hardcore)


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Hi everyone,

as the title says I'm looking for a new guild and this time I want to do it right.So about me: I'm 22 years old and have been playing GW2 since release, as well as GW1, so I've been in the franchise for roughly 7-8 years now. Even though I am German, I'm still looking for an English guild (or rather not a German one), yet I can't really tell you why. I guess I just don't like either the language, nor most German people.

What I'm looking for: I would describe myself as a rather ambitious person, which also reflects in the way I play games. I'm looking for a skilled, active guild with a decent amount of players who know what they're doing and want to be good at what they do, especially when it comes to things like Fractals, Raids etc. I'm talking about playing the meta and doing the daily fractals e.g. with a meta setup and doing it quickly. That, however, doesn't mean I'm not up to jokes or can't laugh when someones failing horribly or what not.While I do preferrably play PvE doing FotM, Dungeons (though I'm not that experienced there) and Raids (currently I'm not really into raiding that much, but I've played through the first 4 wings quite a bit), I also enjoy a few PvP games or WvW roamings here and there. It always kind of comes down to what I currently enjoy most, which changes every now and then. This means that I am not searching for a pure PvE guild, but also one that enjoys the occasional PvP. In regards to WvW I have to mention that I'm playing on Drakkar Lake, where probably very few English people play, but since my focus doesn't lie there I guess the Server doesn't matter too much.

My commitment to GW2: As the title mentions, I would describe myself as a semi-hardcore player. I always have different phases in which I play more or less GW2. Sometimes I play other games more, sometimes I just don't feel like playing GW2, and sometimes I will be busy with university stuff (studying chemistry is definitely very time-consuming). I won't be online everyday all the time necessarily, but at the moment I do spend alot of my free time in GW2. However there's a chance I might be gone for 2 weeks and come back like nothing's happened. When I do play though, I will spent alot of time in the game if possible.

Thank you for reading, maybe some guild will find me suited for them and approach me, feel free to do so if you have any questions :).

PS: My ingame name is "SdoRy" and all of my character names have some sort of derivation from that.

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