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[QoL] Fion [Guild Decoration Trader] Needs More Tabs


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I like the idea of offering tabs (and while we're at it, how about being able to specify the number of items to trade). I'd like to see a different set of categories though:

  • Festivals
  • Instanced Content (raids, fractals, dungeons)
  • Vanilla Tyria (world bosses, etc)
  • Heart of Thorns (including LS3)
  • PoF (including LS4)

That allows for the list to evolve predictably alongside the game.

That said, I'd prefer to see the OP's idea implemented rather than leave things as it is. Heck, even an alphabetical division would be better.

In the end, this isn't one of the more critical issues facing the game; it's just (another) example of how the UI feels arbitrary, as if little or no thought was given to what would happen 6 or 8 months down the road.

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