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Sand Savant


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The biggest problem with scourge atm is (coming from a pvp standpoint) is that you can block a cap with one skill. baseline this wont happen when people wouldnt take sand savant.Sand Savant is this strong atm because of following reasons:

-makes landing your aoes much easier and blocks a cap-decreases cooldown of manifest sandshade and is also the only way to have a 100% shade uptime

I dont think that the first part is the main reason for the most scourges to take sand savant. its more the second part that makes this trait so much superior to the other traits.

To fix this I would decrease the base cooldown of manifest sandshade and make sand savant increase it.

Another problem that gets often mentioned is the high cripple uptime caused by shade abilities.just decrease the cripple of manifest sandshade from 2s to 1s

The third problem is the high weakness uptime.

I dont think thats a that huge issue, but it would still be fine if the duration of weakne inflicted by corruption and weakening shroud would be lowered.

last but not least:Scourge itself has a very low survivablity most of the healing doesnt come from the scourge (also most healing skills on necro are easy to spot and to interrupt) but from a support (firebrand). If you have problems of a scourge you should complain about fb.

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