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New to GW2 (but not MMO's) LF PvE Guild (US)


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I'm new to Guild Wars 2 and know almost nothing. I've leveled 1-80 as an engineer and I have two boosts that I have yet to use, waiting for PoF before I make a decision.

My primary focus is PvE but I am interested in PvP once I get more familiar with the game. I have over 1200 days played in WoW and have raided basically every tier and have also raided in most modern day MMO's (FFXIV, WildStar, Rift, TERA, etc). I still have a ton to learn about GW2, however, so I'm not ready to jump into raids quite this minute.

My active times are around 9:00PM EST or so, though i am online throughout the day as I work from home.

I prefer an environment where nothing is off limits, everyone is friends, and no one takes anything seriously. People can swear at each other, throw shade, and give each other a hard time but at the end of the day everyone is friends. Ideally you have a fairly active Discord server and maybe some members who also have experience in other MMO's.


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Thanks for the interest so far. One thing I want to emphasize is I would like a social/chatting environment where swearing/cursing is allowed and freely used (not in a mean spirited way, of course). It's just how I type and talk sometimes and I don't want to offhandedly offend people who are wanting a more family friendly environment.

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