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[Suggestion] Show Toon on the Mount in the Preview Screens


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Just a friendly suggestion here (not sure if it's been mentioned)...

If it's possible, perhaps you could code the Mount Preview screens so that they show the Toon (player character) ON THE MOUNT when being previewed. Similar to the Glider preview screens - I could spin my toon and the mount around. Check him/her out at different angles and wearing different armor, etc. :smiley: Personally, it would help me visualize if my toon(s) would look cool :sunglasses: or not on "x" mount, which could contribute to me buying it/them. Currently, the BLTC and the Hero panel previews DO NOT show the toon on the mounts, unfortunately. :disappointed:

Thank you for your consideration! :smile:

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I agree that the preview window needs an overhaul. Being able to see the character on the mount would be a great addition (preferably with an option to hide them if we want).

I'd also love to get the additional rotate options when looking at the character on their own, as well as the ability to zoom in and out. Some characters don't really fit in the window, especially when previewing some weapons.

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