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Revenant lacking in PVP


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The amazing comparison of revennant to other classes, most all others have a ton of spells to choose from, rev has none..Necro using ground as weapon, so over powered its stupid amazing anet even programmed such a thing.Most classes cant do nothing about it.Rev has no under water spells at all? None....How many years has the rev had no under water spells at all?When will anet balance or do something for rev except make it a target for others to feed on?Best bet is 3 stances, kinda like ele gets 4 and a ton of spells, rev has such a limited amount of everything. Even thiefs get more spells...The only class i know that gets less spells is a warrior which is balanced well..

Gawd,,,, really, are you ever going to do something for the rev since taking it all away?

Is it just a sales technique to over power a class so people buy outfits? Then as soon as sales slow down, nerf it, and start the same system with a new class?I am starting to think its not about balance at all, its about selling people stuff...

Lets make a class powerful and unbeatable to make the owner think they are good, get happy and spend money on things...

Kinda lame that who ever is in charge of balancing these classes is not seemingly doing it for fair game, more like top sales..

Sure hope this hits home with someone in Anet...Really when will the necro be changed so the ground is not a weapon, everyone has to walk on the ground and its so unbelievably over powered how did you not notice this?Unless you can fly, ya cant really do anything to stop a good necro...

Thanks for listening...Change something please.

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