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@ANet: Balance Patch Roundtable


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Now that the balance patch has been delayed, can we at least sit and discuss about what we'd like to see in a patch while keeping it civil? Instead of waiting to get negatively surprised @Ben Phongluangtham.1065

Everyone expects nerfs to Scourge, Mirage and Firebrand primarily. But what if they don't get anything? Last patch, Mirage wasn't even touched because Karl thinks confusion is fine, even when Mirages can consistently stack upwards of 20 with very little effort. Firebrand didn't receive changes either while Scourge got a couple durations adjusted, but nothing too major.

Then on second plane, the community expects slight nerfs for Holo, and minor buffs for Elementalist and Revenant.

Discuss? Would love to have an actual conversation here.

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Personally, these changes would go a long way in my opinion:

-Scourge can no longer inflict Cripple from punishment skills.-Nefarious Favor, Sand Cascade and Garish Pillar have a 0.75 seconds cast time with distinct animations.-Shade skills are no longer centered on the necromancer as well.

-Riddle of Sand, Jaunt and Axe #3 have their confusion stacks halved or reduced by 2.-Mirage Thrust no longer inflicts daze.-Elusive Mind has a 10s ICD on the stun break part.

-Minesweeper now has a 1 second arming time.-Holographic shockwave can not hit more than once on the same enemy.-Corona Burst cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 6 and damage reduced by 10% per pulse.

General changes:-Corrupted Might into Weakness duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5.-Any passive activation trait (Self Regulation Defenses, Elusive Mind with its new ICD, Last Stand, Instant Reflexes) now show up as in icon in the enemies' status bar.-Damage inflicted on downed enemies now counts for post-game stats.

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