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Staff Arcane Auramancer (PVP build)!


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While everyone has been talking about Weaver, I made a support build that utilizes a very strong rez mechanic, coupled with staff for AoEs and blast fields for players to gain boosts from.

While staff has been the "black sheep" of the PvP scene, the recent change in a particular trait has allowed Elementalists to have a boosted rez, granting up to 14% extra revive speed. Plus, the geysers cleave, meaning they can rez multiple allies at once. Most importantly, the geysers have a 16 second cooldown. This mechanic is powerful, and with Mender's staff may have a place for supporting allies. Sure the build lacks the condition cleanse and sustain D/F auramancer provides, but this build is more support-y and does more offense than the meta build.


Armor of Earth is to secure rezzes and channels, Sigil of Agility allows for quicker staff casting, the rest is obvious. Cast water 2 in water 4 for a frost aura, you can also plan ahead with earth 2 to blast in a field of your choice. However, try avoiding blasting in air fields as swiftness isn't really necessary, except for pre-match ofc. Blast in water fields to gain HP.

Have fun!

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