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It is pretty hilarious how out of all my matches the team with the most scourge won every time. And how one of the ones on my team somehow instantly died every time in mid without even being focused. These people in the same rank as I am that can’t even manage barrier or condi transfer relying on f skill spamming because it got them to gold without actually learning their class.

Yet again, it all boils down to warriors and necros. How are the warlock and warrior type classes always the most I’m imbalanced in every Mmo?

Warrior wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have endless invuln and spammable stuns and interrupts. So obnoxious trying to use ONE ability and having some spell breaker dagger 3 you every time you start to cast.

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It is the only profession in the game which allows a not so smart, noob player to win against a pretty decent average player.

Other professions are punished so hard if a skill or ability or utility is used at the wrong time: if you stealth one second later you are dead, if you pop a shield or invuln when it is not needed you will get rekt.

Scourge doesn't have this problem because spamming the F1 F2 F3 plus some autoattack can get the work done without even thinking what you are doing because is damage after damage and on too low cd and animations to be avoided or countered properly.

Now that was a bad noob player; now imagine instead if that player is very good and plays scourge, the only thing you can do is rotate somewhere else or always try a 2vs1 which is sometimes difficult as well.

Firebrand is broken too, but all he does is sitting on a node and never die, but he won't do any damage to you, just self survive skills to remain alive, so you simply go away.

A scourge is a bunker too, because come on, he is. Sit on a point as well but which does an insane cancerous spam which instead kills you in a matter of seconds.

Now in a game mode where you win holding the control points and those control points are always flooded of aoe stupid 20 stacks of every condi in the game, how is that healthy???

If you add a condi mirage you make the perfect mix for a cancer itself, 15 stacks of confusion in 1 second which you cleanse, and after 2 seconds you have again 20 stacks and die... too unfun to play against.

It is months it is obvious what needs to be nerfed and they keep delaying promoting this spam cancer gameplay by users... okay then.

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Hell even as a necro player of 3 almost 4 years i can say scourge is indeed broken. Played core necro, played reaper, now as scourge it's just funny. Core and reaper weren't too bad at their times but scourge condi spam is just out of this world. 5 seconds and you have every condi in the book on you. Clear and 5 seconds later same thing. All i see these days is scourge spam and run and let the condi take the person out. Seriously if scourge, Fire guard, and confusion mes aren't enough proof that condi are yet still out of control then i don't know what would be. Hell a blind 3 year old can run scourge smash keys and win these days.

Spam and condition wars 2

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