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Beast of War

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Finished it, but man it was hard. About 1/4 of the way through fighting the Warbeast, my character stopped running. Could only walk. So annoying. Died a dozen times (had to change armor halfway through). It was crazy. Anyone else experience that? And, no, it wasn't a key press. In fact, once the battle was over, I could run again.

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I haven't had that happen, but I've noticed some really weird bugs with mounts. A few examples:

  • Dismounting fails to swap from the mount bar to the weapon skill bar.
  • Dismounting locks out weapon skills (the skill bar is visible, but you can't attack anything).

Both of these seem to go away once you get out of combat.

And my personal favorite...Space Rabbit!

Did the problem happen to start after dismounting in combat? That seems to be causing most of these issues (except space rabbit - that one just has me completely baffled!).

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