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[Bug] Hall of Chains Boss 1 tank mechanic bugged

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My regular raid group tried to do Hall of Chains tonight and we had the tanking mechanic break over and over on the Soulless Horror boss today. We usually tank with two chronos, switching between myself and a second chrono. We encountered a bug where I would use the special action key to take aggro, but I would not get the purple symbol over my head indicating that I was the tank (although my special action key to take aggro would go on cool down, so I know I used it). Then both of us saw our stacks of the Necrosis debuff increase which basically killed us, even though it seemed as though neither of us was the tank. We did not have this issue the first pull or two, got the bug consistently on multiple fights. We tried restarting with a new instance and again the first pull seemed to go well (until we wiped for reasons not related to the bug), and then on the next pull we had the tanking issue happen again. We tried resetting the instance a third time, and got the bug almost immediately a minute or two into the first pull with a new instance.

Not really sure what might be causing this, but we've been doing wing 5 almost every week since this wing came out and this is the first time any of us have encountered this problem.

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