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Back after years. Missing gem store town clothes?

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I used to play the snot out of this game back around 2013, but I ended up stopping to play other games. I've hopped back on every now and then with big updates to check up on the game but I never stayed for very long. The recent change to town clothes (tonics) interested me, so I hopped on to give it a look.

I do recall turning my old town clothes into tonics at one point, as I see with the 5 town clothes and pirate outfit I have. However, I'm missing a great many gem store outfits that I used to have, namely the Layered Vest and Riding Clothes, my old favorites. I've checked every alt I have with the black lion converter npcs, my bank, nothing. Just a ton of common clothes tonics and a few pirate outfits. I know for a fact that I had a few of these sets at some time (I have oddly specific memories about choosing what color to dye the boots), and I doubt they were on a deleted alt, as I've made very few alts (and thus deleted few). Is there any way I can dig into my account with an API app to see if they're around somewhere, or can a GM look at my gem store history to try and get these items back? Now that you can dye them again and wear them in combat, the appeal can not be ignored.

Thank you!

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