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Introducing the Preserver. A new Engineer elite specialization!


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So I don't have the skills or traits fully worked out, just a theme/concept. Make a Ley-Line oriented spec called the "Preserver".

Lore: After fighting dragons, gods, and demi-gods, the engineer has been called upon to cleanse the land (literally the land) of their corruption and return the affected areas of Tyria back to their natural state. They are here to try and begin reversing all the damage these horrible monsters have done to the world. Harnessing the power of the ley lines around Tyria, they channel that concentrated magical energy to return Tyria to its natural state.

The Concept: It should play like a support/condi-damage hybrid. Mostly support/healing but also able to provide decent condi damage. I also think this concept fits the lore and storyline of Gw2!

***Engineer gains access to staff as a weapon. Their new class ability "Ley-Line Conduit" allows the Engineer to gather energy from around the land they traverse, gaining one Ley-Energy charge per step taken while in combat. The energy will dissipate after being out of combat for more than 3 seconds. This mechanic can be influenced by Super-speed, Quickness, and/or Swiftness. When the Preserver gathers enough Ley-Energy, they can activate Cleansing Renewal.

*Cleansing Renewal: When activated, allies around the Preserver have 1 condition converted into a boon. Cannot occur on the same target more than once per interval. This continues until the Ley-Energy pool has been exhausted or until the skill is cancelled.

*Staff Skills: The Preserver's Staff has both melee and ranged attacks built into the kit.Staff 1: Ley-Blast: Manifest Ley-Energy at an enemy's location that explodes, damaging them with arcs of Ley-energy applying Burning and Vulnerability. The arc then heals allies near the target for a small amount. The arcs from the explosion have a chance to become Projectile Finishers.Staff 2: Ley-Rift: Ride a Ley-Line to a location, providing Swiftness and healing all allies you pass through, and applying Vulnerability, Blind, and Weakness to all enemies where you land. This skill has 2 charges and act as a Leap Finisher.Staff 3: Ancient Reprisal: Slam your staff into the ground, creating a line of Ley-Energy that acts as a Light Field that Blinds foes. This line slowly grows larger into a larger radial Light Field. This can be cast again to explode, Blinding foes in the area of effect. The secondary skill acts as a Blast Finisher.Staff 4: Gathering Power: Allies in a radius around you gain Might, Quickness, and Fury. By activating this skill, you can gather 2x as much Ley-Energy for the duration of the skill.Staff 5: Ley Storm: A radial Ley-Storm that Burns, Chills, applies Vulnerability, and Blinds. The radius starts off large, then continually shrinks in size, applying greater stacks of conditions until it disappears. Enemies standing in the ending point are Knocked Down, while allies standing at the ending point are healed for a moderate amount of HP.

*Utility Skills: The Preserver gains access to Consecrations. The definition of Consecrate is to "dedicate to a sacred purpose". I think this really fits the theme of the concept really well because the purpose of the Preserver is to restore the world to its natural state as it was before the chaos that has happened.

Heal: Conservation: [Consecration] Create a ring of Ley-Energy for X seconds, granting Protection to allies within. After X seconds all allies in the ring are healed for a moderate amount + a percentage of the damage they took while in that ring.

Sustained Immunity: [Consecration] Root yourself for X seconds, creating a ring around you that provides -33% Condition Duration and +33% Healing Effectiveness to all allies within the ring. Dodging and/or Movement breaks the ring.

Way of the World: [Consecration] Create a ring of Ley-Energy around you for X seconds. Every pulse, this ring will heal the ally with the lowest current HP while also removing a boon from an enemy. If the enemy has no boons, they are instead Slowed.

Ley Battery: [Consecration] Place a battery filled with Ley-Energy on the ground for X seconds. The battery explodes (causing a Blast Finisher), creating a Smoke Field on the ground by being overpowered from residual Ley-Energy in the world. This skill can be cast again to pick up the battery, providing some Ley-Energy to your conduit.

Field Analysis: [Consecration] Create a ring around yourself for X seconds. Allies within the ring are granted Might, Fury, and Swiftness. At the end of the duration, enemies caught within the field are have Slow, Weakness ,and Vulnerability inflicted on them.

Elite: Energy Collapse: [Consecration] Explode the harnessed Ley-Energy in a radial wave that knocks up foes and gathers them to a focal point, then knocking them down. Allies near this wave gain resistance.

*Traits:Minor Proficiency: Staff Proficiency: You can wield staves.

Minor Adept: Ley-Line Conduit: You can gather energy from around the land they traverse, gaining one Ley-Energy charge per step taken while in combat. The energy will dissipate after being out of combat for more than 3 seconds. This mechanic can be influenced by Super-speed and/or Swiftness. When you gather enough Ley-Energy, you can activate Cleansing Renewal.*Cleansing Renewal: When activated, allies around the Preserver have 1 condition converted into a boon. Cannot occur on the same target more than once per interval. This continues until the Ley-Energy pool has been exhausted or until the skill is cancelled.

Major Adept: Overcharged Renewal: Activating Cleansing Renewal breaks stuns and grants Aegis.Major Adept: Shielding Land: When you stun break or grant Stability, also grant Aegis. Can affect up to 5 allies. (20 second internal cooldown).Major Adept: Burdened Light: Blinds you apply also Weaken foes.

Minor Master: Elusive Purging: Whenever you execute a dodge-roll, you gain 1 second of Resistance.

Major Master: Beacon of Knowledge: Staff skills gain reduced recharge. When you are disabled, grant allies around youStability and you create a Light Field around you.Major Master: Insulating Light: Your Light fields will now automatically provide all allies within them a Light Aura.Major Master: Reversed Energy: When you apply Burning, Chill the enemy. When you apply Chill, Burn the enemy. (3 second internal cooldown).

Minor Grandmaster: Restoring Surge: When you provide a boon or cleanse a condition, you heal the target for X amount. Can only have one instance of each happen per target every second. (Meaning can only apply twice per target if a boon was provided and a condition cleansed at the same time).

Major Grandmaster: Dedicated Cause: Your [Consecrations] gain reduced recharge and provide 1 second of Resistance and Stability to you and your allies after their duration ends.Major Grandmaster: Preservation: Your revive speed is increased by 10%. While reviving, you grant yourself 1 stack of Stability and heal allies around you.Major Grandmaster: Field Expert: Gain stacking Expertise every time you heal yourself or an ally. At max stacks, inflict Burning, Blind, and Chill on enemies around you (10 second internal cooldown).

It might obviously be overtuned a bit, but I think it could be a really fun, mobile healing spec!

Let me know what you think!

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Make 50% of the skills dysfunctional and add random components and reduce survibility by 75% and it might be the new engineer spec for the next expansion. Because if it ain't broken or acts broken or kills you, it just ain't engineer. We might be capable of intertransdemensional travel, flight manifesting alterations of the elements and automated machinery, but in the end, we still haven't advanced enough scientifically to develop ductape. Remember the history of GW2 engineering it's 1 step forward 2 steps backward. Example : ~El Yolomancer~

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It's makes me think of druid, I'd expect if the engineer gets a healing spec it would get a focus as a new weapon. Something that we wouldn't want or use, or like of enjoy, and healing be via summoning small golems. But I prefer your system.Any ability that puts boons on people via engineer have to be random, it's a thing, not sure why but it's gw2 engineering.

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I think the Alchemist sounds better tbh, mixing potions/solvents and whatnot to get different effects. definitely a high power/condi build or a complete support based if spec'd.Preserver seems like something a ranger might spec into. But I can appreciate all the thought you put into this.

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I really like your concept and ideas for trait and skills. Some things I don't like as much:

  • Weapon: I'd rather have Staff as a ranged area condi or debuff weapon. Mace + Shield would be a great set up for a supportive elite, though. I don't like the idea of Focus as mentioned above. We would be stuck with Pistol as MH which makes close to no sense for a supportive build.
  • Some skills sound like improved area or group versions of Elixirs, making them less attractive. That's never a good thing.
  • Generally, your ideas pair well with Alchemy and Inventions, but I don't see much actually exciting synergy. E.g. I'd really like Medical Dispersion Field to work. But it won't be attractive as long a their is no reasonably strong sustained self-healing on Engineers. A.E.D can be nice if it works - but that's about it.
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I saw this thread and I was like, "Wait didn't I reply to this thread? Why isn't my comment showing up?" lol then I realized you posted it in two different locations. I actually had to go back to my comments and see where I last posted.


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