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What's that build Thief's been using?


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It is a really OP build.

Essentially I've seen it used by DD and Core thiefs.

There is alot of boon stealing. Tons of evade and retreating from Shortbow, and I believe there is usually a S/D. But they always run away with Shortbow if they low hp then come back, and pretty much steal any boon. The amount of evades and retreating is ridiculous.

I don't play thief so I'm curious.

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@"Shirlias.8104" said:Here's the core build https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Thief_-_Marauder_S/D

The DD version... honestly i don't know what they are going to trade for Acro... are you sure you happened to see a DD S/D?

I mained DrD S/D all of last year before PoF came out with Deadeye. My build used Acro/Trick/DrD. DA is not crucial as without it I still consistently hit LS for upwards of 8k in half Marauders/half Zerker. This was in WvW though, I don't often play sPvP - if that is what this thread is about.

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