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looking for a good pvp thief help


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Keyboard depends on your hands. Do what feels comfortable and probably rebind 7-0 keys.

As to mouse I'd recommend binding steal/mark to the middle mouse button. I'd also rebind F2 to something more convenient.

If you tell us what kind of weapons I'm sure we can help you with that too.

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Keybinds can look different for people depending on their reach. I have everything from across the keyboard packed into, "~" to "Ctrl" to "B" to "T". How you map them also depends on how comfortable you are with twisting and reaching. I'm not comfortable with reaching up for 1-5 keys when I'm moving and strafing so those are on my two extra mouse buttons with a shift mode. My "oh shit" skill I put on Left Ctrl where I can lean my lower left palm into it so there's no hand lift off. You're just going to have to find some healthbar heavy trash to mess around with and remap those one by one.

I have no pvp tips or tricks for you, except to try to stay as calm and easy as your keybinds. Builds on Metabattle.com should still be in the neighborhood of optimal.

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If you can afford it at some point I'd recommend buying a Logitech g600 or razer naga equivalent (12 thumb button mouse). Makes things a whole lot easier. Something to save up for.

Before I got mine, I bound all the keys closest to wasd. Bounds the ones I used most to the closest keys and the ones I used least to the keys I had to reach for.

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@Fhynix.2105 said:My Keybinds:WASD - MoveSkills 1-5 are on 1-5Skill 6 is Alt + 1Skill 7 is QSkill 8 is ESkill 9 is Mouse 4 (I have an extra button included in the left mouse button)Skill 10 is Alt + 4

I can use every skill instantly without having to lift my left hand from WASD. Works fine for me.

We actually have rather similar sets of binds, mine's just a bit different, as I have two side buttons on my mouse. In this reply, I'm also going to post my utility skills, as OP has requested a build. I should note that this is not THE BEST BUILD, it's the meta build that I've tailored to suit my playstyle, an explanation of my reasoning will follow. I will also post my traits in an image, which are yet again, tailored to suit my playstyle

My keybinds are as follows:WASD - Move (Of course)Lshift - Dodge (Much more accessible than V, and more precise than double-tapping)Weapon Skills - Unchanged, 1-5 works fine for me.Healing Skill: E [Channeled Vigor for now, probably Malicious Restoration with Deadeye] (Accessible, and quick, allowing me to get back to movement)Skill 6 - Q [signet of Agility] (Same reasoning as Healing Skill)Skill 7 - Middle Mouse Button [shadowstep] (Shadowstep is easy as all hell to use like this, but I have a neat trick, I've rebound a 3rd button that changes dpi on the side of my mouse to shadowstep, now I can do it instantly, without changing my hand position.)Skill 8 - Mouse 4 [blinding Powder] (One of my side buttons)Elite Skill - Mouse 5 [impact Strike] (One of my side buttons again)Steal (Profession Skill 1) - R (Easy-access)Stolen Skill (Profession Skill 2) - Z (Easy-access, but out of the way)

  • A small note about these binds, I understand that I could use L.Alt or something alike, however, I would simply prefer not to worry about messing up with the combination (fat fingers and all :tongue:). I have autorun bound to F1, and I actually bound rpwalk to V, because it's useful for jumping puzzles, and it's rather out of the way.

So, my reasoning behind the skills. As I play power, I use Dagger/Pistol for nuclear burst, and Shortbow for easy escapes, so keep that in mind.

Channeled Vigor right now is the strongest healing skill, as it gives you more health if you haven't dodged, but more endurance if you have. Without this, you can't dodge as much, and dodges will single-handedly save you in a fight.

Signet of Agility is condition cleanse, only 3, but still condition cleanse, and it's also even more bloody dodges. It makes for an excellent way out of a hairy situation, and has saved my life more times than I can count. The 180 precision is also really nice when you're trying to burst down a target, which is what you should be going for using this build.

Shadowstep is the token "Oh *** I'm gonna die, let me just get the hell out of dodge like Bami when facing the Maginot Line" skill. This thing is a lifesaver and a half, and I can't stress that enough. It's a stun breaker, it's a 1,200 range teleport (that's off-hand, meaning it can be cast during an animation if you so please), you just press it and pop*, you're there. Not only is this an excellent escape (and a great juke tool if you know what you're doing), but you can also engage with it, or just confuse opponents in a fight. You engage by dropping in, pop your combo, and if you're taking too much heat, just reactivate it and pop back, oh, and cleanse 3 conditions with the return as well. If you want to juke someone, teleport to another side, they pan their camera to find you, you attack them for just a split second, 1/2 hits tops, then reactivate to get out of there, and leave him confused while cleansing any condis he might've procced. All in all, this skill lets you do it all, even run from the most terrifying thing in the world, guardians.

Blinding Powder. It's a blast finisher, a little bit of invis, and another way to get out of there like a necro main when confronted with a social situation. All in all, a well rounded skill with no cast time, and it's off-hand, just like Shadowstep, so it can be cast at any time.

Impact Strike, probably the most controversial skill in my whole build, I (along with others) swear by it, and find it to be incredibly useful, others cast us as heretics, preferring Basilisk Venom over it. Now, if we could all just put down our pitchforks for a moment, and let me explain my reasoning, then we don't have to worry about anyone visiting their local penitentiary before the night's over. Impact Strike is an excellent alternative to Basilisk Venom, and I'll tell you why. It has a good, long (2-second), short-cast daze. That daze can be used for many things, but I find I mainly use it to interrupt things. This alone wouldn't make it good enough, but it has a solid uppercut which launches the target, but only for the CC, it doesn't move them away from you at all, leaving them nice, and ready for a good, old-fashioned Finishing Blow. Impact Strike (the whole chain, not just the first ability) is a rather high-damage skill in itself, but oh boy does it get better. Finishing Blow, upon hitting a target that is in a downed state, will INSTANTLY EXECUTE the target. If you don't hit the person while they're downed, but Finishing Blow deals enough damage to put them in a downed state, it skips the downed state ENTIRELY, sending them straight to a greyscale screen with their corpse, and your finisher animation on it. No fighting. No retries. No escapes. You land it, and they die. This has interrupts to trigger your Pulmonary Impact, it has an insta-spike, high base damage, it can crit, this skill does it all and you still have time to file your taxes after you're done wiping the floor with the other guy. While yes, Basilisk Venom is a much less-risky style of play (see unblockable 1.5 second stun), if you're willing to take the risk and run Impact Strike, I believe you'll find it's well worth your time.

Now that I'm done with my college thesis on the culinary applications of bloodstone, I believe I should explain my traits, as they are a bit strange as well. Note that I will only be explaining the ones that aren't the current meta build, reasons for those can be found on metabattle or other build sites.

Deadly Arts - Executioner instead of Improvisation: 20% damage when the enemy has <50% of their max hp. Improvisation has more utility, sure, as it lets you use stolen skills twice, but if you can't tell, my build is tailored for raw damage. Utility is excellent to have, but if you want to make their squishies go pop, I recommend using Executioner.

Trickery - Lesser Haste instead of Thrill of the Crime: Gain Quickness, Fury, and Vigor, remove one condition, breaks stun. This augments your steal to give you those right there, instead of Fury, Might, and Swiftness to all allies around you. While Thrill of the Crime is excellent on its own, and not bad at all, I find I get more use out of the quickness buff from Lesser Haste. That speeds up cast times, which when you're bursting, is great. It also speeds up the entirety of the Impact Strike chain, so you can spike targets in less than 2 seconds if you play your cards right.Trickster instead of Bountiful Theft: Yet again, team play versus selfishness. Call me an ass for not helping my team out with this one, but I find I can help the team more effectively if I can rely on my steal more. Reduced cooldown and a condi removed is more helpful than you'd think at first glance. Really it's about wanting to help your team in the long run, versus being able to help in short bursts during fights, sacrificing a more frequent steal. This one's preference, call me weird, but it's what I like.

Daredevil - Havoc Mastery instead of Weakening Strikes: 7% damage increase when striking a target within 360 units vs 10% reduced damage from weakened enemies, and weaken enemies upon critically hitting them. This one's me putting damage over survival. You can't get killed by a guy if you kill him first, simple enough, but if you're unable to burst effectively, Weakening Strikes is a no-brainer. That skill reduces damage dealt to you heavily, enough to turn fights in your favor, all in all, yet another case of personal preference.Pulmonary Impact: There're no differences here between my build and the meta build, but I just need to point out that this trait is pure, unfiltered, saturated cheese. Damage when you interrupt an enemy. If you keep interrupting, you keep damaging. For the love of god please run this trait. It's too strong to pass up.

Now that I've spent an hour effectively writing a guide when this was supposed to be a simple reply. I'm going to bed, please feel free to shoot me responses, I'd be more than happy to respond to them, provided I actually start visiting the forums. Until next time.

                                                 - Dr Medic

Edit 1: I uhh, I misspelled a word and fixed it.Edit 2: I also forgot to put the above line in, so I did. Merry Christmas.

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If you have the money, you can go with a razer or weaver. I came from console to pc a while back and that helped with the transition because I had movement bound to the thumb joystick.

Lately I've been trying to get away from that, so my current keybinds compared to default are:Movement:rdfgWeapon skills in order(12345):xzsawHeal:qUtilities in order (789): left ctrl, e, left shiftElite(0):hF1:tF2:yF3:5F4:6F5:7Dodge:n (this is bound to a mouse side button which I always use instead).Jump:space (again, also on mouse side button cause I have 2)I have a left and right clicking mouse wheel so I bind weapon swap and stow to that.Special actions that pop up are bound to clicking down the mouse wheelI have 2 buttons directly under the mouse button that have interact and toggle action camera bound to them.C, V, and B can be bound to targeting options, or maybe if you don't find my f-key setup comfortable, f1-5 on tyhbv and move the elite to 4 or 5. T and Y are easily accessible either way and we don't use the others for theif, so I didn't really care where those were.

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