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Concerned about Botting

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hey my fellow DEV @_@ Amazing game, day one player guild wars 1.this is my first discussion post, and before i start with my topic, i would like to say to keep up the amazing work. Over the years i have seen guild wars 2 grown into a great game, with a depth story line and look forward to future developments (think outside the box, like guild wars one (Asure Gate Portal World)). Creation of guild wars system has allow me to build and create a relationship with my characters as each one has an epic story to share. an example LOL (DE) Snipe shots, killing difficult bosses solo, and pvp/wvw Rage Ownage xD.

I have do understand as players we live real lives which requires daily responsibilities which are required to upkeep our health, success and attend family/friends relationships, i do not see guild wars 2 as a grindy game which I LOVE cause it shows how dev understand the relationship of life overall. I have never request anything nor i as for anything from anyone but only give, its who i am as a person and the reason for that statement about myself is i would like to see Guild Wars 1 Hard Mode Feature implemented into Guild wars 2 PVE systems which will allow players to not only test there skills but allow a hardcore challenge learning the profession combat skill chains, skill connections, survivability and offer more loot for accomplishing difficult challenges.

Well.. I LOVE YOU GUYS @_@ Keep up the Great work.

Now back to the discussion xDI came across this which is disgusting and a disappointment when players use bots, i have seen them all over the maps, in PVP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Repeat PVP!!!!!!!! (Low tier) as players are offline and Hot, SW and some POF maps. I know guild wars 2 isnt a grindy game so why the usage of it?

I dislike this.. please look into it. this is not fare for players who work extreamly hard for there accomplishments @_@

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There WAS a topic about this months ago that if I recall got closed/removed after the conversation got nasty (that or I sure as hell can't find it no more... but I'm horrible at remembering names........).

One reason they would not do this though as a few mentioned in the previous topic is that it would separate the openess of PvE way too much as the majority of those that want that better loot will run to that, the majority that want the challenge will run to that.People will be removed/kicked out of certain instances kind of like what happens with public raids.

Privately is one thing, but doing this in the open world right now would have a horrible side effect.

EDIT: I found one of them. Don't think this was the one I was looking for though:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/12603/hard-mode-heroic-mode-ect/p1

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Gaile has previously said that if you want Anet staff to read your topic it's a good idea to have a clear title - one that tells them what it's about, not just that you want someone to look, and to put your request in the first sentence with any background or reasoning below it. This makes it easy for the right people to find your topic and to see exactly what it's about and if it's something they can do. Which is important because apart from a few members of the Community (PR) team visiting the forum isn't actually part of their job so they can't afford to spend much time going through topics looking for ideas.

I'd definitely recommend editing your topic to make your request clearer. I've read it twice and I'm not sure what exactly you're asking. I see a list of things like 'difficult bosses' which might be suggestions or things you already like, a request for a GW1 style Hard Mode, and something about bots.

Also regarding bots - if you see anyone using them you can report them by right-clicking the player (or their name in chat) and selecting 'report' from the list of options that comes up. Don't worry if you're not completely sure - it's not an automated system so you won't get anyone banned by mistake. It just tells Anet to investigate that player and lets them see exactly when and where they were seen so they can check the activity logs.

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