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random idea: Fountry of Failed Creation


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the Fountry of Failed Creations was a pretty hyped up area in GW1, but while we get to see many of it's denizens, we never actually went there.Wouldn't it be a nice location for a raid, since Kormir left, the place might become a bit of a mess.Or does closing the gate of Komalie mean we can forevermore ignore the place and let it go to shambles?

It's just a random desire of mine to actually go there, be it for the story or a nice raid instance. Maybe a raid where Menzhies (man-goose or something it is now?) could have taken refuge and is fusing the titans with the shadows? that would be a nice fight. a 2 wing raid:We try to stop Menzhies in the Fountry, but fail, and so we follow him to wing 2 where he tries to take over Balthazar's realm, and beat him there (with the help of some left-over pantheon of Balthazar's champions)

Fountry of Failed Creations:1) Event: Gain entry into the inner citadel2) Boss: Apostate Aurus Trevess3) Boss: Stygian Armadon4) Event: Interrupt Menzhies' ritual5) Boss: Stygian Althryx, Corrupted Warden, Menzhies (Fight is dictated by Menzhies, who leaves when he's down to 25%, you still have to finish off the other two)Fissure of Woe:1) Boss: Stygian Arm of Balthazar (a corrupted champion of Balthazar)2) Event: Break the spawn of the Stygian Maw3) Boss: Stygian Jadoth, Stygian Fury, Stygian Mallyx4) Event: Break the surviving champions of Balthazar free5) Event: get to Menzhies6 Boss: Stygian Maw and Menzhies

With Titans and regular demons as fillers inbetween

(note, the stygian trio are not the real deal. they are just perverted creations made after devouring their remains.

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