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Classes you have trouble with as a Druid in pvp


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I thought it would be nice to start a little thread on what classes you have trouble with as a Druid in pvp and hopefully someone out there can offer you good advice on getting better

To Start off my worst matchup would be easily spellbreaker, I play lb/staff and most instances can 1 v 2 but against sb it's at best a stalemate (but they often still get decap)

My novice advice would be:

If you see a sb approaching your node I have found it useful at first to bait out their shield 5 just by auto attacking, once they are close 90% of the time they will use shield 4 or dagger 3 to daze/stun you in inorder to set up hundred blade/burst combo, dodge this and immediately use lb 4 to pushback followed by lb 3 and beast combo, after that it's just a bunch of kiting and switching to jacaranda on node for their lightning attack and finding the right time for another longbow combo

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I wouldn't use the term "I have trouble with," but these are the generic notable matchups assuming equal skill:

Spellbreaker; they can abuse the fact that you have a pet and use it to reset their health indefinitely.

Mirage; against a good one you have to play ultra passive to not lose at least the point as you kite to reset, because if you're not passive enough they'll interrupt burst you with your CF on cooldown and melt you.

Scourge; takes way too long to kill, you have to give up the point to survive, and you're not going to take the point from them without a LB or GS.

Firebrand; immovable object. If you don't have the point or you aren't stalling a neutral point, then don't bother.

Weaver; same as Firebrand when played well/correctly. They have the exact same role that Druid does when it comes to sidepoints.

Honorable mentions because although they aren't meta they're still strong against Druid:

Chronomancer; the fight can go on indefinitely, and if they're good, 1 Moa combo and you're dead.

Berserker; same basic idea as Spellbreaker sustain, but more capable of melting you inbetween CF cooldowns.

Tempest; same idea as Firebrand and Weaver.

Dragonhunter; depending on the build they're running, you won't have the damage to kill them in a reasonable amount of time, so no point in fighting them on their point.

Reaper; depending on the build, they can still melt you, and make it much more difficult to kite and survive. You'll win, but the fight takes too long and you'll end up losing the point.

That's all off the top of my head.

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In PvP I have no trouble against anything.

It depends on my preference which class in the matchup I want to counter. Then I build up for that purpose. E.g. I can't outdamage a Holo on Power Reaper (he will destroy me), but I can corrupt burst (Spite/Curses/Reaper) him so hard that he is completely shutdown within one second and becomes basically a freekill.

The "I have trouble with" postings seem to be of people just knowing metabattle builds. These people haven't noticed 80% of the game's complexity yet.

WvW is a different story. There are definitely unkillable specs. . e.g. certain Druid builds. But Spellbreaker is not one of them!

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as Power Soulbeast i have trouble with good Mirage/Mesmers 1v1. there's a build going around lately that bursts crazy high and almost 1 shots me and i run with around 23k health in pvp.

a good Holo, Weaver or Firebrand can be tough but not too much trouble most of the time. This is from a Silver-Gold player, maybe platinum again someday.

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