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[NA][PvE][Raid] Static Group Looking For Experienced Multi-Class DPSer And/Or Chronomancer


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UPDATE: Currently Closed For Recruitment


I'm Avster, leader of a raid static called Night Knights. We are currently looking for an experienced multi-class dpser and/or a chronomancer to join our static. I'll keep it short and sweet.

About Us• We have been raiding since day 1, and have seasoned raiders across the board with 800+ LI and legendary armors.• Our clear times are usually 2.5 - 3 hours for all five wings.

Raid Expectations / Must Haves• Full kill experience on all five raid wings - you should know the mechanics of every raid boss & mini-encounters; if you haven't killed Dhuum it's okay, but you must at least have watched the videos and/or have gotten him close to a kill• Knowing your rotation, what your skills do, your traits, etc. Essentially, understanding how your profession works• Fully ascended everything + best-in-slot food and utilities; bonus: if you're fully infused that's even better!• Be reliable in your attendance; you're expected to stay for the whole duration of the raid unless an emergency happens

If you intend to join as a Multi-Class DPSer:• The primary DPS class we are looking for is a Weaver, you must be efficient at this class• You are expected to know (at least one) other DPS classes, in order of importance: Mirage, Scourge, Holosmith, Soulbeast, Dragonhunter, etc.• Your dps will be tested against our current DPSers, however as a primary pass, please send me a screenshot of how you do at the golem via a private message or posting it here. Current meta benchmarks• Know how to do the melee strategy in Deimos• Know how to do the orbs in Dhuum

If you intend to join as a Chronomancer:• You will be the off-chrono of our raid static. Experience in tanking is a bonus.• We'll be checking your alacrity and quickness up time• Know when to bring moa / gravity well / time warp• Remember to bring "Mantra of Recovery" + Inspiration trait line on Slothasor to break his fear• Know how to tank Soulless Horror; our current strategy our Druid longbow + tides it out• Know how to do orbs in Dhuum• Remember to distort / give aegis (at least the first slam) on Deimos• Be able to distort / give aegis on ALL the slams on Gorseval; we do insta-break, no updraft kill• Efficient pulling of adds on any of the encounters• Any other neat tricks you can do like portalling up during pre-encounter Sabetha, from stairs to the top of the platform, is a bonus

Personality Expectations• Communication - we use Discord as our VOIP and we expect to hear your voice• Have a positive attitude, don't be toxic & rude; This is a very strong point, if you cannot adhere to this, don't bother applying• Listen to calls• Make calls if need be; very important as a chrono• Always strive to become a better player• Having a good time :)

Raid Times• We raid at 7PM EST on Wednesdays, but we form up at 6:50PM EST, so make sure you're online by then. We'll have you trial with us during our static runs to see how you play + mix with the group.

If you have hit all (or almost all) the checklist on expectations - please reply here or send me an mail in-game Avster.1935

All of this may seem daunting but it's really not! We don't bite - we are just looking to have fun while doing smooth kills. If you have any other inquiries - don't hesitate to ask me any questions.


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