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Dismounting = half the skill bar flashes?!


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This is by far the most annoying, persistent bug I've seen with PoF. Randomly while dismounting, usually while pressing 1 and entering combat, the right half of your skill bar (utility and elite skills) will flash as if you were a necromancer leaving death shroud or reaper shroud (however this can happen on ANY class...). That in and of itself is another annoying issue that would be fantastic to get addressed, but at least that's predictable; the dismount skill bar flash seems very, very random, which makes this seem undoubtedly a bug. If you play the game with high gamma or in a dark room, you will probably notice this going on and it is one of those things that gets frustrating after a while.

Please look into this or even BETTER: give us an option to disable ALL skill slot flashing for any reason. This gets really annoying if you dive in and out of water quickly, or swap through shroud frequently as a necromancer, so it would be a much-loved quality of life option and fix this bug. Thanks <3

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