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Just Us Grownups: A New Way to Run a Guild

Neksis Syxx.6983

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Our guild, Just Us Grownups [JUGs], is in many ways similar to other adult guilds out there: We're a casual NA PvE guild for men and women, age 30 and older, who just want to get together and play the game in a drama-free environment. What really sets us apart is how we've chosen to run the guild...for one thing, we don't have officers.

Yep, we did away with them. In [JUGs] it's the members themselves that run the guild. They're the ones who have free access to the guild's resources: they have open access to the guild bank; they can kick off guild missions whenever they want; they can post events on the calendar and it's their collective vote that makes the decisions for the guild. There are two guild leaders who help facilitate this process but it's the membership that is the guild's voice.

When you think about it, we're all adults here. We know how to "play nice with others" and that you don't need officers to tell you how to play a video game together. We all just want to take a break from real life and have fun with some friends; you don't need a guild with a bureaucratic hierarchy to accomplish that. All you really need is the right guild with the right people.

Here's the basic rundown of what we have to offer:

  • A small tight-knit guild comprising an even balance of both men and women
  • A fully upgraded guild hall (Gilded Hollow)
  • A feature and resource-rich website with an event calendar which anyone can use
  • A Teamspeak3 server
  • A leadership which is always available to listen (anonymously if desired) and to help

Here's what we want you to bring to the guild:

  • A good-natured, positive and respectful personality
  • Regular social interaction (e.g. Teamspeak, guild chat, etc.) with other members of the guild
  • Active participation in events whether by joining them and/or leading them

If this approach to running a guild sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, head over to our homepage and click the Apply button in the upper right-hand corner.


If you're intrigued but want more information about the guild and how it's run, here are links to:Our CharterOur Code of Conduct[JUGs] How the Guild is Run

…and of course, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or contact us in-game.

Neksis Syxx.6983Archranis.2375

See you in game!

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Neksis is absolutely right, there really isn't any drama with this guild. What this guild does have in abundance, is good people. The makeup of the guild is primarily fun loving 'Adults' who like to play games as a past time. They don't really take themselves too seriously and are there just for the fun of it. There are players from all across North America and some from as far away as Australia. So you are more than likely to find people on that are also looking to group up and have some relaxing fun.

All of the guild members have real lives that take president and everybody knows that. Which means that no one is obliged to be at every event on the calendar. Everyone is free to sign up for any event that looks like something they’d like to do. If you miss a week of the regularly scheduled events, no one is going to call you out for it. Everyone understands that Family etc… comes first.

If you are wondering: How in the world can you run a guild without officers? The answer is simply: quite smoothly. Everyone’s an Adult. There’s a real level of respect amongst the members and it shows. There’s a certain relaxing feeling about being granted the freedom to just hangout in chat (TS) and just play the game. The idea that anyone can create & post an event is novel, but it works well. Not able to make the East Coast dungeon run, post an identical run later in the evening for the West Coast people or the off shift workers.

Once you are a member, it’s YOUR guild. How do you want to enjoy your time gaming? Listening to a bunch of kids flame each other for missing a jump? Or listening to people laugh as they fall off a cliff trying to kill that $#^()*%# Harpy?

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@Chrome.5362 said:FYI your link to apply didn't work. It took me to the form to create an account but didn't tell me what to do after that. Luckily I noticed the "Apply" link b/c it was right next to the browser's close button.

I created a test account and tried the link and it's as you said. After creating an account you should have been auto-directed to our application. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Now I'll have to bring it to the attention of the hosting company (Shivtr).

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To those over-30 adults looking for a laid-back group of folks to play the game with, JUGs may be just the place for you. We let our members drive our event schedule instead of depending on officers to do it (remember, we don't have any officers) and have set things up so that our members have access to nearly everything -- scheduling events, running guild missions, most sections of the guild bank, decorating the guild hall, etc. If you are interested in Scribing, we rotate our active Scribes every so often to give those who want to level their Scribes, the opportunity to do so. Fractals and dungeon runs are very popular in JUGs and most weeks we have a scheduled dungeon event as well as an event for Fractals beginners. The most important part of our culture is that real life comes first so we don't have any attendance/rep requirements. Once you've become a member, all we ask is that you log on to our website once per month to let us know you want to stay a member of our guild. That's it. No monitoring, no big brother watching, no complicated procedures. Just as simple as we can make it so you can spend your play time actually playing the game, and not having to deal with a lot of guild rules and requirements to stay on the roster. To find out more about us, check out the links in the first post in this thread.

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I haven't been a member for a full month yet and I can already tell you that the guild is a great one. It's active, people actually TALK in guild chat, they're not pushy about TS (you don't have to talk if you don't want to though some stuff requires you to be on TS to listen), and the environment is laid back while also being helpful. If you're 30 or over like I am (35) then this is an awesomesauce guild to check out.

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With the announcement of the new WvW restructure, we have created a second WvW guild which will be devoted to WvW. We just couldn't pass up on having a second guild hall to farm! We'll have the same tag and we will not recruit for it separately; you will need to join Just Us Grownups to be a member of the JUGheads--it's an opportunity to be two times the envy of your friends!

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