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WvW Que bug

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I had the same bug today on patch day, I just waited over 1 hour in que to get into WvW, 120 people que, and when it finally popped i click "travel" , but I just got a message saying "Desert borderland is full, would you like to que for the map".Before this i also spent an hour in que while in Edge of the Mists, but on reset of the map in Edge of the Mists it kicked to login screen i.e. out of the que, i wasnt aware edge of the mists had this mechanic as it seems totally against its purpose which i thought was to have a place for people to go while they wait for their que to pop.I just spend 2,5 hours waiting to get into a wvw border to see the new game content, and this has ruined my evening, please fix this game mode.

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