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Holosmith Roaming build for WvW


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@killahmayne.9518 said:

@"sephiroth.4217" said:I've been roaming on zerker.... I'm not experienced though.

It's been fun, pros are high burst, cons is no one wants you in WvW.

ah i see

been trying it out a bit, certain match ups such as scourges are pretty rough as well as power mirage and spellbreaker

Scourges should be easy to handle, not sure what traits you are running but try HGH elixir build.

Personally I'm a fan of this set up at the moment http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQBdSRFUdFWfF43FwlMWmMMxmRBIA03BHhrwx1T7JCAI'm usually roaming though, getting mirages/thieves out of stealth with Lock On trait, rocket boots to escape the zergs, elixirs to help deal with condition builds but like I said, I'm not all that experienced with Engie.

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