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[EU]Ez Pz Lemon[sQz] Semi HC Raiding guild Looking for experienced dedicated players


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Ez Pz Lemon (sQz) is a Semi Hardcore Raid Guild which is currently looking for advanced new potential members (18+ yo) joining our group .

Who are we?At the moment we’re consisting out of +/-15 experienced Raiders (400-800li). We’re aiming for having 20 reliable and active members.We have several Nationalities from all over Europe. Most of us are only doing raids or fractals/dungeons, overall end game content.Clears are every Monday and Tuesday in max. 2,5h and CMs and other raids during the week. Other events like Fractals and Dungeons are more spontaneous .

What are we looking for?Reliable and Experienced RaidersWe expect great knowledge of all Wings and Mechanics. We’re not a teaching or training guild. We exclusively look for confident raid players, preferably around min. 400+li.We are a Main Raid Guild we clear on Mondays evenings at 19:00 CEST . We plan raids, low mans and CMs during the week/weekends.

We want you to be able to bring 3h straight possibly without any interruptions during a clear and ofc expect you to be there in time if we schedule an event. (15 min before we start)We will also ask for API key to check the gear.Be experienced on at least 1 support class (Cps/chrono/druid) and 1 dps (power/condi) class in raids.Trail will be a DPS check on the golem and will be 4 weeks long . It can be faster depends on the perfomance in raids.

What we look for is:Chrono::experience with speedclear tactics like distorting on VG , distorting slams at gorseval etc.Druid: having both magi/condidruid gear and knowledge about Gotl rotation and pet usage.Dps: meeting our benchmark requirements .Cps: meeting our benchmark requirements and giving good buffs.

We use discord for main communication and organization, you should be able to use it confortably including voice chatting in english (have a working microphone and dont have a problem to talk)Good attitude and bring humor.Since gw2 is a game and supposed to be fun we want you bring humor and a healthy and mature attitude. We wanna treat eachother with respect but we also should be able to take feedback, point out mistakes to improve and be honest without getting offended by it. (We’re using logs to analyze our Raid runs to see where we can improve as a group and individual player)

How to applyIf you have further questions feel free to contact me, Blaster (blaster9210) ingame or on Discord (blaster#5611).Youtube: Blaster

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