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Weakness is treated like a nuisance condi like blind or vulnerability despite how op it is


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Anet once said condi has to do more damage then power because otherwise why would you take dot over instant damage. But there is a reason; because there is so many more defenses against power. Armor, protection, invulnerability, and the best one is not even a defense, it's a condi you apply to your opponent. Weakness is given out like it's just a minor nuisance like blind or vuln, despite being capable of completely shutting down power builds. Not only is it given out everywhere, it has these insane durations like 10 seconds on might corrupt. Tooltip says 50% of hits are glancing blows but there is no way this is true, when I jump on scourge its always like 7 or 8 glancing blows in a row before you just die.

Boon corrupting might into weakness is the most op part of scourge. People here will say scourges weakness is that it is squishy, because it has no protection or invulns or blocks, but in practice scourge is tanky as hell when all your hits do 500 damage. Scourge does a lot of damage, but really so does every class, thats not what makes them such bs. It's their ability to completely nullify your ability to do damage while spamming their own damage rotations.

In most games if you have a class or build who is capable of debuffing so severly to the point of making their target irrelevant for a bit, then that is the majority of what that class/build does; you sacrifice your own damage to provide utility to your team and hinder opponents. The problem with scourge is that it sacrifices nothing to do this; boon corruption is just something casually attatched to their main damage abilities, their defensive abilities, and everything else.

Weakness should be completley reworked into something not rng based, and/or severly nerf the ammount of corruption scourge has and the duration of corrupted weakness.

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