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Here is my suggestion:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFAUnUUBVYh1XBmXBcJjlBDrvH6I+FASPvHx2RJIEA-j1BFABIp8Tf1fYf/hFuAAA8AAuSJYa6ACAgAczbGAu5Nv5Nv5NrNv5Nv5Nv5Nv5NvZpAqSrF-wThings to notice:

  1. Dodging deals damage around you if you have heat (holosmith traits) and drops 3 mines along path (each mine can do up 2.5k damage depending on the enemy you hit). Meaning you can do 9k+ damage to squishies just by dodging around. Jump dodge rolling drops the amount of mines to 2 which isnt good, try to avoid it. You can also dodge in elixir s for damage.
  2. Be aware of scourges. You can jump on them with quickness in stealth but typically you wont get more than hololeap + holo 3 proc and 1-2 autos off before you have to finish them with dodges. If you get corrupted and lose your might to weakness, you wont deal any damage
  3. The build definitely has lot of damage and is great at oneshotting squishies and even tanks but shines at melee parties with a firebrand that will cleanse you when necessary which typically don't have space for holosmith.
  4. Exit holoform before using elixir s to proc the condi cleanse trait.
  5. You can stay permanently in holoform by using dodges whenever necessary.
  6. You need to manage endurance, be aware of energy sigil and elixir r to accomplish their max potential. Entering and exiting elixir s or holoform count as weaponswaps.
  7. Typical rotation in holoform is, use 3 (twice) to stack might + stealth, pop quickness elixir, use 2 to leap at enemy, 5 and auto attack. Quickness also makes elite much better.About the build:
  8. I am not sure if dura runes are the best choice. It might be better to go with some kind of dps runes with marauder trinkets as conditions are your biggest enemy, not actual damage.
  9. Regarding the optional traitline in holosmith, typically in groups you want to take Zephyr for the superspeed that has no target cap in holoform. But as you dont have reliable source of stab otherwise, take eclipse outside melee party or roaming. Zephyr also feels pretty good for chasing targets if you feel like the enemy is bad enough for you to not need the stab. Test it around
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