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[NA] [EST] Looking for a guild that raids.


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I am an experienced GW2 and MMO player looking for a Raid guild. Here is the breakdown of what I am looking for:

A mature friendly guild. NO TOXIC PEOPLE. I do not want to discuss politics or other controversial topics. I want to play GW2.An active guild that raids at least twice a week.Voice comms: preferably Discord because it is easy.A guild in which I can level my scribe.

Here is what I bring to the table:A friendly player always willing to help.I play almost daily even if just to do dailies.Fully ascended geared characters with a sprinkling of legendary gear.

Please PM me if you think I am a good fit for your guild.

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Synergy is a guild started by some friends with a goal to create a small community of friendly players. We aren’t interested in having 500 members where no one knows anyone else. We are currently playing Guild Wars 2 primarily on the Jade Quarry server.

For Guild Wars 2, we participate both PvE and organized PvP in both WvWvW and structured PvP. Most of us have been gaming together since the days before Guild Wars 1 and continue to do so. Because of our long-standing community, you will find that it is an atmosphere where everyone knows each other and learns to play well as a well-oiled machine, hence the name Synergy.

• Dedicated Raiding Team(s)• Focus on Living Story achievements• Chance to play with friendly players• Structured PvP teams• Active Discord• Strong leadership with two PvE officers and two PvP/WvW officers to back up our leader.• Scheduled events including Dungeons such as high-end fractals and the like.• Assistance with farming legendary items.• NA server• Our own guild podcast• Level 63 Guild Hall and rising.• Officer positions available for:

PvE – with a focus on fractals/raids/dungeonsWvW – need experienced commanders

What we expect• 18 and up preferably• Have a working Mic and Discord preferred• Have a sense of humor but realize things may not always be PG13• Attributes of a team player with a good attitude.

To join or if you have any questions feel free to PM or in-game mail myself or one of our officers listed below.

Guild Leader and Recruitment Officers:

• Aeromu.9134• Cookiezz.5261

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