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Hunt for Superior Treasure cancelled by event

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The event "Use your mount's Alpha Roar to coax escaped young pets to follow you back to the pen" in the Desert Highlands now absolutely blocks treasure hunts in that area. You used to be able to re-activate the treasure map, but it does not do that anymore as long as you are still in the event area, which is a problem if there is a Hunt for Superior Treasure going on and the treasure is inside the event area, effectively putting the Hunt for Superior Treasure on ice for half its runtime.

Since I have yet to meet a single person who would even seriously consider interrupting a hunt for superior treasure for this event I can see four possible solutions for this problem in descending order of preferability:

  1. Give treasure maps priority. Even in other areas with "special mount skill" events I do not see people interrupting a started treasure hunt for these events. So, why would these event skills have to overwrite the treasure ping? If the default action of the player is "continue treasure hunt" the game's default action should not be "interrupt treasure hunt".
  2. Block this event during the time the hunt for superior treasure is active. I think people can live very well with this event not happening for 20 minutes of every 2 hours if that means that their Hunt for Superior Treasure does not get kitten-blocked.
  3. Delete treasure spawn locations inside the area of that event.
  4. Revert to the old system where you could reapply the treasure map. While it was annoying having to click something in your inventory mid-flight at least you could continue the treasure hunt without either completing the event or waiting for 10 minutes, losing out on superior treasure in the process either way.
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