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[BUGS] List of major unfixed Action camera bugs.

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It's really sad that this awesome feature got so much neglect. The untapped potential to allow GW2 to not be a tab target game. This is a textbook case of self fulfilling prophecy: devs think it's not worth the time to fix it because nobody uses it when in reality nobody uses it because they haven't fixed it. So this thread is being started as a simple list of the major issues. Anyone is free to contribute.-Action camera will be abbreviated to AC for this list

Bug #1: Many shadowstep skills work incorrectly.

Obvious example of this is the new Deathstrike skill on revenant. If you use it with normal camera while out of range, you will still shadowstep forward ( but you wont hit your target ).But if you do this with AC while out of range, it uses the skill but shadowsteps you to nowhere.

What should happen: Shadowstep should still take place even if you are out of range, just like normal camera.

Bug #2: Skills that don't require line of sight but require a target require line of sight when used with AC

This is probably the biggest downer of them all in terms of AC being given a major disadvantage. Say players are on a ledge. You can't see them, but you have them targeted. Use a skill that requires a target - with AC, doesn't let you and tells you that you need a target for the skill to work ( but you do ). Without AC the skill works normally.

What should happen: Game should treat both options the same.

Bug#3: Targets downed players incorrectly.

In PvP ACwill incorrectly prioritize downed players over the target you are pointing at.

  1. Down an enemy player
  2. wait for another enemy player to start ressing them
  3. aim at the player who is ressing the downed playerRESULT: It locks your abilities onto the downed player and will NOT let you target the ressing player 9 out of 10 times.In order to target the other player, you have to witch to normal camera and then switch back and THEN it will let you re-target.

What should happen: AC should always target the player you are aiming at regardless of their state.

Bug#4: Disabling action camera doesn't carry over your target to normal camera

To be honest, anet could fix nothing else but fix this and AC would be fine since we could just bind "DIsable AC" to something like shift or a mouse side button and hold down that button whenever we need to use a "problem skill" like a shadowstep. Problem is, it doesn't work right. If you are aiming at someone, and turn AC off, it will no longer be targeting that person. In order for the normal camera to accept the target, you have to actually right click on it first -but if you don't do this then the normal camera will instead target you last target even if it was not promoted. This is convoluted and counter intuitive.

What should happen: If you are aiming at something and turn AC off whatever you were aiming at should now be your tab target.

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