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Bringer & Giver not available as trinkets or breather | breathers not changeable

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I. no Bringer or Giver combination on trinkets and underwater breathers

The rather newly introduced Bringer (Expertise, Precision, Vitality) and Giver (Toughness, Healing Power, Concentration) stats aren’t completely available right now.Although it may be possible to craft or change (via Mystic Forge) armour pieces and weapons into Giftbringer and/or Tixx variants, it’s not possible to acquire trinkets or underwater breathers. Even the Mist trinkets or the Wegloop underwater breathers don’t have these stats selectable.

II. false Bringer stats on legendary

The selectable Bringer stats on legendary equipment (at least on back items) aren’t correct. If Bringer is selected, it provides Precision, Vitality, Concentration, Expertise (with one point less for Concentration, although it should be as high as Expertise). But it should only provide Expertise, Precision, Vitality. If Giver stats are selected, they provide the correct stats.

III. breathers not changeable in Mystic Forge

Since we started talking about underwater aqua breathers: It’s still not possible, to change many ascended breathers via Mysic Forge. Every attribute combination, which isn’t available as a stand-alone recipe for breathers (all HoT and PoF attribute combinations as well as the ones from LS or recently changed ones like Bringer/Giver). It seems kind of unfair to only change armours and weapons, but not breathers, which also can/have been crafted with Damask Patches etc. You should really fix this, since this problem exists since HoT.

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