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tonics break Standard Enemy Models

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tonic overwrites SEM

Currently, tonics (especially combat tonics) are overwriting the Standard Enemy Models (SEM)—while activated. But the SEM should always been shown, regardless if a transformation tonic is used or not.SEM, which were introduced to make fights more equal, since they all use Human appearances including their more predictable animations. They remove every aura from the players as well as their—sometimes rather bulky—back items. Only the individual weapon skins are kept.Since this option is only client sided, not harm will be done. But if the SEM are activated, they should always stay active and shouldn’t be exploited via ingame mechanics like transformation tonics.

This bug is rather anoying, since all the problems with different character models and their non-predictable attack animations are returning to the WvW. Especially the Kodan Tonic with its still buggy—or rather non-existing dodge animation is still being exploited by players in WvW fights.

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