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[Video] WvW Power Core Mes Roaming Montage


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Hi back with a new vid, some core mes wvw trolling this time.

If you dont like roleplay and long intros start the video @ 1:00. I promised to make this intro to one of my viewers long time ago, the conversation as shown in the vid happend during our roleplay conversation via ingame mail. everything funny is more or less from him because im not funny at all and also a bad roleplayer. This is a continuation in storyline (intro and char-creation) from my old wvw vid Bad Hat Hærry you can find on my channel (i deleted the link because ppl got confused which video is the new one, Bad Hat Harry is a vid from 2016).

I mainly play mirage since pof release, so even in the end of my playtime for this vid i still had problems to get used to the old dodges. so you can see me interrupting my own casts by accident here and there or i try to dodge for a sword ambush, what is ofc useless on core or the fact that you cannot dodge without changing your position rupted my skill (mainly gs2) because i wasnt facing the target after dodge anymore. apart from that it was quite fun to play core mes again.

Pls notice the vid-description as always! Have fun! :)


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