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([NA] Sorrows Furnace) FIBS Looking for new members

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Fibding Souls is currently a Start up guild. We are a little quirky, a little crazy, and slightly disturbed. No ones perfect, but we try to have fun doing it!!Strength, loyalty, teamwork and honor! These are the cornerstones of FIBS vision. FIBS is proud to find its home on Sorrow's Furnace. An awesome force of friends working to achieve our goals, join our team in a spirit of pride, honor and fun. Being a part of FIBS means joining a loyal, lasting, team of friends who are working to build a legacy with an honorable reputation and in position to enjoy every aspect of the game. Be there as we add to our victories!If you are interested in FIBS, we do have a few guide lines here. Please take the time to review them. You will find our guilds guide lines here: fibs.guildlaunch.comWe do have Discord for voice communication.You can PM me in game, character name is Trepetron

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