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[Suggestion] Have Spirit Boon work in reverse


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Been playing around with some Revenant builds using the Invocation specialization and I noticed that the Spirit Boon trait feels a bit backwards.

As an example, take Mallyx - Spirit Boon gives resistance when swapping into Mallyx, a stance that already has resistance via Pain Absorption (as well as the Demonic Defiance trait from the Corruption specialization). When swapping to Jalis, a stance with stability via Inspiring Reinforcement, Spirit Boon gives stability. In both cases the Spirit Boon trait "doubles down" on a boon that is already accessible to the associated stance.

Suggestion: Have Spirit Boon grant boons based on legend the revenant is leaving, not the one they are invoking.

For instance, take a revenant build using the Mallyx and Jalis legends. Swapping into Jalis would provide resistance, while swapping into Mallyx would provide stability. This would eliminate the "doubling down" effect and provide a more natural synergy between the two stances.

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