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Achievements: Entanglment

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So, basically the 'bug' is nothing serious, I still believe it was good to report it. From the pictures you will see that the achievements I have already completed still show up as being possible to acquire even though they have been accomplished already. Time: 18:00 GMT+1https://imgur.com/U3vl2Nshttps://imgur.com/0Wnkp4Shttps://imgur.com/0G0lvTCEDIT: For the last achievement - No Tricks, I am not sure if that is planned to be like that or not, but the same monsters respawn at their positions, so at the 2nd console for instance, you can pretty much kill the enemies at the side, without bothering with all other ones and wait for the time to pass. Since you they respawn non-stop it doesn't make any sense to engage in full combat, pretty dull way to complete it though. Same applies for the 1st console.

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