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Death shroud may need some changes.


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The core-necromancer shroud, Death shroud, is in need of some updates in my opinion.

The auto-attack, life blast, now deals full damage no matter the range. This means that we no longer have an incentive to move closer to our opponent(s) aside from using Life transfer and Tainted shackles (but both have substantial cooldowns, so we do not need to stay close for long). We can stay at range, safe from "most" dangers without loosing a lot of our damage.

The second ability, Dark path, can only be used as a gap-closer, and the projectile is excruciatingly slow and easy to avoid (And deals very little damage). To compare it with the Reaper, their #2 can be used both as a gap-closer and as an escape and has a much shorter cooldown. (+ it deals a respectable amount of damage, although it has a shorter range).

Our third ability, Doom, is an instant fear that only affects a single enemy for 1.5 seconds (if not traited, or without expertise) that can be blocked and that has a rather long cooldown (20 seconds). Reapers can, in the meantime, have a 20% damage reduction to both power and conditions, 3 stacks of stability, and a 1 second fear that can affect 5 targets.

The fourth ability, Life transfer, is meant to be our source of life force while in shroud, but only offers 12 to 13% if we sustain no damage, channel completely (3.5 seconds), and hit 5 targets with every pulse. Compared to the Reaper's life force generator, it's auto-attacks, every completed chain can give up to 10% life force, should you hit 5 opponents with the final AA (And that 10% gain can occur very often, not only every 32 to 40 seconds, like Life transfer).

The fifth and final ability, Tainted shackles, binds us to 5 enemies, applies 6 stacks of torment, immobilizes on the final pulse and reveals. It is probably the only ability that does not need any changes, in my opinion.

When compared to the Reaper (and soon, the Scourge), the Death shroud seems to be very lacking and deserving of some changes in order to be on par with the 2 other specialization. (Do understand, the specialization are not meant to be inherently BETTER than the Core version, they are meant to be ways to customize our playstyle, and as such, are equals. The reason why I mention this is because a few people told me that the specializations are just designed with the intention of being better, which I believe to be incorrect).

Of course, as this is a forum post, I welcome any ideas as to what the changes/updates could be! I would be glad to hear everyone's ideas!If you do not agree with me, know that I respect that! (Although I would like to hear the reason why you disagree, and your opinion on the matter as well).

I'll start with this : For the auto-attack, life blast, the channeling duration (or just the attack speed in general) should be increased substantially. The main reason why I say that is because of Dhuumfire, the grandmaster trait of the Soul Reaping trait line that allows our #1 shroud skills to inflict burning. Due to the current attack speed being very slow, this trait can barely see any use on land (underwater, life blast is replaced by Plague blast, which does less direct damage, but is a must faster attack, AND that even transfers a condition on a successful hit!). Either that, or simply remove life blast entirely and allow Plague blast to used on land as well!

How about you guys?

And you, Arenanet? (Wink wink)


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A few things I wouldn't mind but may be unlikely:I would like it if Dark Path was a ground targeted AoE teleport with 1200 range. That way you can get in quickly on top of an enemy or get out quickly.It would be nice if Death Shroud skills were unblockable for the first few attacks or something (you assume a spectral form, so why not?).Doom could use that "ammo" resource some other skills get and still stay single targeted to be different from Reaper. Maybe 3 uses before cooldown?You could even make Life Transfer either do more damage or generate more life force if you hit a target that has Tainted Shackles debuff on it.

I dunno, just some thoughts on making Necro Death Shroud better.

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