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Why are skills so slow?


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What is the purpose behind having all these slow-as-all-get-out skills?

Anyone aware that lag in wvw makes skills fire-off like twice as slow?

Also, do people know that combat is not fun with all these sloooooowwwwwww skills when fighting against professions that have fast skill animations and all those cool positional/movement skills?

Edit- And do you know how horribly slow, and drawn out, GS 1, 2 and 3 skills are? And how turtle slow those reaper shroud attacks are without https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Reaper%27s_Onslaught? These skills are so slow that all it takes is someone moving a tiny bit to completely negate these attacks...

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I agree with you but hate to break it to you but ...

"An inexorable force on the battlefield, the reaper empowers itself enough to wield a cleaving greatsword to harvest its foes. Slow and hard-hitting, these deadly combatants call out the impending doom of their enemies with piercing shouts. Upon accumulating sufficient life force, they can enter the reaper’s shroud, a deadly form that grants them a dark scythe of malevolent energy and the abilities to match it. Capable of heavily afflicting their victims with chill and other conditions, the reaper wades into melee receiving and dealing blows knowing nothing can save its foes!

— Reaper release notes

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It depends on what you want to achieve. For group play the slowness of GS works well when your team draws the attention from you for a moment. For solo play the weapon is just horrible.

Shroud attacks are slow. That's why you should trait for entering procs like Spiteful Spirit and Weakening Shroud to have a reliable source of damage and debuffs when you use shroud.

Best power reaper solo roaming build so far (I haven't lost to other necros for months when running this build):http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQRBIhdu1JHNQnNY5mgxNA9mYBXwi2a5rPQ8VsLGGhuaBgDAA-j1BFQBIZ/BBcSAuoSQ9p+j60PAgnAgCV+BA-w

It feels like a dagger thief with less mobility but a lot more sustain (in terms of fight presence) and AOE. The only 1v1 hardcounters to this build I found so far are core warrior (Strength, Discipline, Defense) and some dire/TB condi thief builds. Everything else you can outplay, if you are good enough. Needless to say your survivability goes down the toilet if you run into a 1v2. But that's something you should be used to on necro...

Side Note: Even though this build uses a dagger, I state that dagger is weak and desperately needs buffs. The only reason it works somehow is the synergy with Suffer! and Air/Fire Sigils for a nice quick burst (Suffer! > Dagger auto > Chilling Nova/Air/Fire proc = good reliable damage).

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