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[WvW][NA][Mag][Dire] - Join for the fights. Stay for the memes.

Beorn Saxon.4762

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We are building a core group of players for organized WvW raids and GvGs. We offer a semi hardcore atmosphere with both fun and serious aspects. Our goal is to build a 50 person community with 15-30 in attendance for each raid. We use in-house builds for precise group synergy. If you are serious about committing to a community, honing your skills and busting up larger groups, we invite you to come run with us.


  • Snowovles [Dire]
  • Maguuma - NA
  • WvW Fights & GvGs
  • Sun, Tues, & Fri Raids @ 9pm EST
  • Guild builds & Coaching
  • Discord

What We're Looking For

  • Strong interest in organized group PvP
  • Stong desire to improve and work with others
  • Able to raid 1-3 nights a week (Sun, Tues, Fri @ 9pm EST)
  • On Maguuma, or open to transferring
  • Level 80, full exotic+ gear
  • Must rep during raids
  • Willingeness to run guild spec builds
  • Access to expansion Elite Specializations is a huge plus
  • Willingness/ability to use specific classes


  • Name - Account ID - Discord ID
  • Wolfy - Wolfy.9843 - Wolfy#7581
  • Cherry - Whitenedrose.3065 - CherryDude#3524
  • Saxon - Beorn Saxon.4762 - Bjear#4542
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