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Game crashes to vertical gray stripe screen - Windows 10 on Bootcamp

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I am running Windows 10 on Bootcamp. I recently (1) used Paragon Camptune to increase the size of my Bootcamp , in order to create space to update my Windows 10 version, and (2) updated my Windows 10 to the latest version. Now whenever I run Guild Wars 2, I can only play for a few minutes before the game crashes, and my screen turns into vertical gray stripes. At this point CTRL+ALT+DEL seems to do nothing, so I do a hard reset.


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I submitted a ticket and they haven't responded yet, but I seem to have resolved the issue accidentally on my own. I believe simply unchecking the "DPI Scaling" option and then checking it back on again fixed the issue.

Here is what I did to attempt to resolve the issue:

  1. While running Windows, I used the "Reset this PC" option; my understanding is that this essentially re-installs Windows 10. I then re-installed Guild Wars 2. However, the graphic issue persisted. I played for only a few minutes before the screen turned into vertical gray stripes and I had to shut down my computer manually.
  2. I turned my computer on again, in Windows mode, and launched Guild Wars 2 again, and changed all graphics options to "Best Performance." At this point, "DPI Scaling" was turned on. I played the game for a few minutes, and to my disappointment, the screen again turned into vertical gray stripes.
  3. I turned my computer on again, in Windows mode, and launched Guild Wars 2. The graphics options were still set to "Best Performance." I unchecked the "DPI Scaling" option. I played the game for a few minutes...and then a few more minutes...and so far no crash. I then changed my graphics options to "Autodetect." I continued to play, with no problems. At this point I began to suspect that having "DPI Scaling" turned on was the problem. So I then turned on the "DPI Scaling" option, just to test, but I continued to play with no problems.

Based on the steps I took, it seems to me that something was wrong with the "DPI Scaling" option, and I think turning it off and then on again kind of "reset" it.

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