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Suggestion: Checkpoint in The Departing

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You know how some instances have checkpoints where, if for some reason you leave the instance before completing it, you restart at a certain point instead of having to redo the entire instance to get to where you were before? The Departing does not have one of those, and I think it could benefit from one. I just disconnected halfway through the instance for the second time, and I really think such a long instance could benefit from having at least one checkpoint because it's so frustrating to have your computer disconnect right after entering the second part and and have to redo the entire first fight. I think this would be a really good quality of life fix for people like me whose connection can be unreliable at times. I would suggest adding a checkpoint right as you enter the second part of the instance (those who have played it know which part I'm talking about), and maybe another one after you complete the part where you follow the thing around. This would just be so helpful in my opinion.

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