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Energy, Lore, and Weapon Skills


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I just had a novel thought about how energy works which I wanted to share.

So all professions have magic and manifest it in different ways. The Revenant uses magic to draw energy from the mists and invoking the power of legendary heroes, drawing energy as they do so.

What struck me what that the energy bar is linked to your legend you are drawing from, but that the weapon skills do not change when you swap to a different legend, so you are not drawing on that legend's ability to manifest your weapon skills, but your own magic, so I thought that perhaps even from a lore perspective that weapon skills should not cost energy since they are not drawing on the legend's power.

Another way to look at it is that a lot of the weapon skills talks about the mists eg Sword 4: "Slice through the air, sending a wave of energy from the Mists toward your foe and dealing rapid strikes.". Since the weapon skill does not change relative to which legend you draw from, but still draws energy from the mists it implies that the magic skills of the profession are not solely dependent on the legend and that they create their own magic. This opens up the need for utility skills which are neutral much like the weapon skills, which cost energy but can go anywhere.

So it seems to me that from a lore perspective that either weapon skills should not cost energy, or neutral utility skills should be introduced.

Not sure how well I expressed myself, and it probably wont make a difference, but it seemed inconsistent to me so wanted to share :)

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Lore wise, non-lore wise, even using magic unicorns dropping bombs while reading shakespear. There is NO reason they should. It kinda feels like they knew that Thief having spammable weapon skills was kinda broken, they fixed it when they kinda copied the Thief Mechanic for Reveant but didnt buff the actual skills to counter the double cool down.

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