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Improving the LFG: Automatic System (Idea)


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Hello everyone,

I've been thinking about how can we improve the LFG, making it easier to find what you want, and I had this idea:


With that, you have 2 options: Using the LFG as always or automatically.

With this new option, the program will ask you if you wanna join or create a group. If you choose the "join" option, this will ask you for your build type, and the game will detect which profession are you using, so you only have to choose between: Condition Damage, Power Damage, Healing, Support and Toughness. Then, press OK and the LFG will put you in queue.

If you choose the option "create a group", the program will ask you which profession are you looking for and which type of build. With this 2 options, you can choose between the 9 professions of the game or anything (if you don't care about the character), and between the 5 differents build types or anything (if you don't care about the build type too). Then, press OK and the LFG will put look for you all the people that you can invite to the group, depending on what they're and what are you looking for. (Only for players who are using the automatic LFG system).

The idea of this LFG Automatic System is to have a different option to make groups (useful for Fractals, Dungeons, Raids, PvP and WvW). As the actual system, you can look for the group that you prefer, but automatically. And you don't need to cover specific roles, because like the actual LFG system, you can play however you want.

What do you think about this idea? Do you have suggestions or improvement that could be done without making it a better option that the old system? Remember that the idea is just to make a different option, not a better option.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad English ^

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