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Why should there be a QoL wall? [Legendary Stuff]


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Legendary items are something which can be achieved by playing the game.Whatever the way you decide to play, you are able to get leggies for a character, but there are some unjustified locks on content

I am talking about accessories

Currently we do have the possibility to make only 1 trinket and 1 ring ( not sure if the ring is already fully avaible or still locked behind LS4 ), and no amulets.

I know that I am not talking for all the community, but It would be nice for you ANET to understand that there are players that does not care about auras and aesthetics, and that they only would like to have a full legendary set, in order to save room and change stats whenever they want.

So, why don't you introduce some no aesthetic/aura offsets in order to let us complete our character/s?

Having to run a character with X ascended offsets in order to change setup just because reasons is not really comfortable.

A split between QoL and Aesthetic would be definitely great.

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