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Best weapon for necromancer-scourge?


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So first off, which elite spec is the best for necromancer is a matter of opinion and playstyle. I'd suggest that you continue leveling necro, and play around with all the weapons and see which ones work best for you and your playstyle.

Scourge is mainly good for group support, and is marginally better than Reaper for condition builds (damage over time), but not enough for it to be a dealbreaker if you want to use Reaper. But again, this is getting ahead of yourself imho, so I will address core necro for most of this.

As far as weapons go, we have good power-based weapons at all ranges (daggers for melee and axe for the medium range. Staff is long range and has some good AOEs). For conditions, scepter is your go-to, regardless of range. For AOEs, Wells and staff are your main ones.

In PVE, the thing that makes necro so good isn't the weapons though, it's the minions. You have utility skills that summon little monsters that fight for you which has a lot of tactical advantages (keeping aggro off you being the main one). It's one of the most forgiving classes because of this.

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  • Weapon with most AoE attack and long range for necro is staff (but it's really bad for PvE).
  • For melee, dagger is good for regenerating life force (I found myself rarely using dagger since my life force is never empty because every mob dies will add our life force)
  • Our F1-F5 skill is already an AoE skill so...

For Open World PvE, I personally using Scepter on first slot, and Torch on second slot with Malice and Geomancy Sigil.For WvW, I use Staff / Scepter + Torch

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