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One Wolf Pack Does Twice As Much Damage When Shared With Pets

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When the Soulbeast elite skill One Wolf Pack is shared with a pet, it will do about twice as much damage as it is supposed to be doing whenever the pet attacks with the buff.


Notice, in this screenshot I hit the golem with the first skill of my sword auto chain. One wolf pack crits for nearly 1k damage from me. I then have my pet use Takedown, and his One Wolf Pack deals 2.3k damage. Also note that, I shared One Wolf Pack with my pet when I had approximately 2500 power. The Juvenile Smokescale has a base power level of 1,674, so this cannot be an issue of One Wolf Pack scaling with the power level of the recipient instead of the giver, for if that were the case then my Smokescale would be doing less damage than me with One Wolf Pack.

Here's a video example of me abusing it using other buffs as well. https://i.imgur.com/gl3eBMo.gifv

I am probably the only person in the game aware of this bug, and the only person who abuses it as well, but I am reporting it because it is a bug nonetheless.

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