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Queue times are too short


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I'll start with a confession. I tanked my placements this season to see what the low tiers are like. I ultimately placed in Silver 2 whereas I placed in Plat 1 last season.

At first I saw most of what was to be expected. Many players with very little map awareness as well as generally low level of skill/understanding of their class. Climbing was fun at first. My other goal was to see whether I could climb out.

Now that I'm at Gold 1, it seems like I've hit a wall in the way of progressing further. Now, don't get me wrong. I DON'T have a problem with this. I accept that my own skill level is probably just at its cap, but I have noticed the match quality is very poor and getting worse. I am seeing worse play in Gold 1 than I was seeing at the bottom where I placed at the start. So, I started asking around and I found that most if not all of the players in my matches were themselves still in Silver if not Bronze tier.

I get it... PvP is dead and the population is probably at an all time low, but mixing in people of vastly different skill and experience is simply not good enough.

I'd rather wait 5 minutes for every match and get together with a similar level of players. I'm not in a rush (again I don't even care much to progress further). I just want to have fun and enjoyable games.

The queue times are far too short.

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