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Undocumented change: Flux bombs


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Ours were not just lingering, they stayed for the whole fight. One was a wipe that lasted over 10m, so each of the 3 bombs were permanent active through out that.

So basically, if anyone drop a flux bomb during chaos fight on the boss, then that area will be permanent unavailable for the remaining of the fight. I don't recall that to be true before the last patch.

mistlock instability version works as before.

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@CptAurellian.9537 said:Standard flux bombs in chaos have always stayed there for a very long time. Don't know whether they despawn is based on a timer or a maximum number of fields, but you could always expect them to stay forever. So ... intelligent people who dropped them on the anomaly were always very helpful.

Im sorry. Really. But i gotta speak up.

I really hope that last sentence is sarcasm. If not, as a revenant player, i never want you in my party.

Be respectful and drop them on the edge of the arena... not on top of the boss where any player using melee will get kittened over....

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