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Phoenix weapon skins from Black Lion Weapons Specialists 

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Regardless of the specific skin, the vendor named "Black Lion Weaons Specialist [Weaponsmith]" never has all the possible skins that we can get with BL Tickets. Today, the vendor at the VIP areas or found by double-clicking any ticket or scrap offers 5 skins, while the vaults offer four other skins.

I have never been sure why the vendor doesn't match the vault when the total is nine or below, but there have been times when the vault has offered more than the vendor interface has room to display (if I recall correctly, the peak was 15-17 skins in the vault, but I didn't save the details; I thought it was going to become status quo).

So my habit is that any time I see an announcement about a new skin or an update to the selections:

  • I double click a ticket to bring up a list of core skins offered.
  • I double check the VIP zone specialist in case they offer something else (so far, they never have).
  • I visit LA (as time permits) to see what else might be there (and, fortunately, LA always includes all the 'core' options, while it has also always included 2-7 additional skins).
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