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Cant download game client

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Try opening the page http://origincdn.101.arenanetworks.com/latest64/101, which should be a simple line of text with 5 numbers. If that fails, try, which is an IIS splash page. If you can access the first one, your browser is preventing you from downloading executables. If you can't access the first one, but can access the second, your DNS is outdated, and you can try clearing it by opening a command prompt (cmd.exe) and entering:ipconfig /flushdns

... or using Google's DNS.

If you can't access either, you're failing to connect to Amazon's servers period. You can try other servers, such as http://assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com/program/101/1/0/1937976, and using Internet Explorer/Edge (accept the invalid certificate), https://assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com/program/101/1/0/1937976. To try other servers, you'll need to do it manually by either editing your hosts file, or using the browser's dev tools to modify the request header. Alternatively, use a VPN or TorBrowser. TunnelBear is a popular choice by other players.

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