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Cannot delete 'Gw2-64.000' file from game folder after uninstallation

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HelloI have rather big issue with the Gw2-64.000 file in game folder. I wanted to move the game to my SSD drive, to make it load faster however it left behind a Guild Wars 2 folder with the discussed file. It cannot be deleted, even as administrator, I cannot change the owenrship of it. It became a trash file that is being left behind wherever I install GW2. Today, after experiencing serious drops in FPS I decided to move the game back to HDD and again, my SSD is tainted with this file and I cannot install the game in the previous folder due to that 'Gw2-64.000' file. Can anyone have any solution to this?

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Windows should have given a reason why it failed to delete the file. Permission, in use, hardware failure, etc.

If this happened after running GW2, maybe the game is still open, but not actually visible. This would also prevent you from launching another instance of GW2. In this case, Windows would say the file is in use. Press ctrl+shift+esc to open the task manager, check the processes and force quit GW2.

You can try opening a command prompt (cmd.exe) as an administrator, then deleting (del "c:...\Gw2-64.000") the file. Also try booting into safe mode, or the command prompt.

Security software can cause this problem, where anti-virus for example will quarantine the file, then block all access to it.

It shouldn't matter that it's in the folder. By default, it's Gw2.tmp, which is created when you start the launcher.

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I don't have such a file. Never seen anyone ever mention said file.

Gw2.### is the alternative to Gw2.tmp, which is the temp file used to update Gw2.exe. The number increments as it fails to create the file.

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